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Drink Craft, Not Crap Long sleeve t-shirt - Craft Beer Babes - 1

Drink Craft, Not Crap Long sleeve t-shirt

$ 28.00
Do you preach the word of the Craft? Do you love Craft Beer? Then Drink Craft, Not Crap is a statement you can wear proudly. Drinking craft beer over macro beers is the way of the future. We are the people who avoid big beer, support local beer, and are an advocate among the masses to convert our fellow humans into the wonderful, beautiful world that is Craft Beer. We are the Craft Beer revolution and we wear it proudly on our shirts! Huzzah!

This long-sleeved t-shirt is made of ultra-smooth 100% cotton, and adds the sensibility of long sleeves. The sleeves are cuffed at the hand, to make for a tapered look. Keep warm and be cozy while this long sleeve shirt delivers everything you'd expect in the style
• Long sleeve
• Durable ribbed neckband
• Double stitched
• 100% cotton
• Made in the USA, sweatshop-free

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