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Craft Beer Babes welcomes you!

Stacey Lake Store News Update

Are you a strong empowered woman? Do you enjoy craft beer? If you answered yes to both questions, then you my friend, are a Craft Beer Babe!

Here at Craft Beer Babes, we focus our apparel on the love of Craft Beer and the women who enjoy them. We are committed to creating clothing that empowers women by embracing and celebrating their female form. You inspire us. You're why we make beautiful apparel to represent this lifestyle.

At Craft Beer Babes we are passionate and excited about craft beer and the amazing community of people that has been built around it. The Craft Beer community is made up of friendly, welcoming and enthusiastic people.  Over the years, we have met some incredible women who enjoy good beer, however we have not met enough of them (let’s be honest, can there ever be enough?).

Here at Craft Beer Babes, we are making it our goal to embrace the women of Craft Beer and to persuade more women to drink craft, not crap. We want to use this platform to encourage women to work in the industry, homebrew, and get involved with the community.

We want to do more than simply encourage women to become Craft Beer Babes. We want to become your resource for engaging topics related to Craft Beer such as beer styles, history, home brewing 101, and even insider interviews with women who are involved with the beer industry. We want to help educate anyone who reads our blog on craft beer and the community that revolves around it.

Craft Beer Babes isn’t only for women (we don’t discriminate here, we love you too men!). We have apparel for men in the Craft Beer community who are for equality and welcome women into the community.

The Craft Beer Babes range of products are made in the USA, ethically sourced, and sweatshop free. We believe in high quality and ethically created apparel – this has never been up for debate. Every item is designed, printed, and shipped from beautiful sunny Los Angeles County, California. It all happens here. Los Angeles County isn't just the center of our universe. It's that sweet spot where fashion, forward thinking and responsible business meet.

By buying Craft Beer Babes apparel, you are not only buying a quality product, but you are declaring yourself a part of the Craft Beer community.

Please stay tuned to see what we have in store for Craft Beer Babes. Please sign up for our e-mail newsletter to stay up to date. In our newsletter you can expect to receive useful information on all things Craft Beer Babes, exclusive offers, and get the scoop on when we give away free stuff! Who doesn't love free stuff?


-Stacey and Jordan

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  • Carrie on

    Congrats Stacey & Jordan for getting this going! Love you guys!

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