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What is beer and why is it magic?

Stacey Lake beer education knowledge

In the vast world of Craft Beer, we are aiming to be a good educational resource for people who are interested in beer. Eventually we will talk about more advanced things, but for now, we’ll start with the basics.  What is beer? Beer is good. But how does one make “good”? What’s in it? In the old days, beer was kind of like a three ingredient soup that got left out too long. WATER, BARLEY, AND HOPS… and that’s all. For some reason, after it sat around for a while, it changed. It tasted better... less sweet, and it made...

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Craft Beer Babes welcomes you!

Stacey Lake Store News Update

Are you a strong empowered woman? Do you enjoy craft beer? If you answered yes to both questions, then you my friend, are a Craft Beer Babe! Here at Craft Beer Babes, we focus our apparel on the love of Craft Beer and the women who enjoy them. We are committed to creating clothing that empowers women by embracing and celebrating their female form. You inspire us. You're why we make beautiful apparel to represent this lifestyle. At Craft Beer Babes we are passionate and excited about craft beer and the amazing community of people that has been built around...

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